About Beleura Hill Preschool


Our 3 year old program runs once a week on a Wednesday morning from 8:30-11:30am, we have two nurturing educators experienced in catering to this age group. The program is an introduction to the preschool experience and focuses on open ended play, separating from families, socialising with peers and beginning to learn as a part of a group.

Our 4 year old program runs two extended days per week from 8:15-3pm, these sessions involve indoor and outdoor play and have a rest and relaxation period in the afternoon including yoga and relaxation stories. Each 4 year old group then attends for an outdoor session once a fortnight on a Wednesday afternoon from 12:45-3:45pm, this session focuses on the outdoors and sustainability and complements our involvement in the CERES Sustainability Project. We offer two 4 year old groups, one attending on a Monday and Thursday and the other on a Tuesday and Friday, each group has above the educator to child ratio, with three passionate and experienced educators. The program incorporates school transition experiences such as library borrowing, crossing supervisor visit and close relationships with surrounding primary schools.

Beleura Hill Preschool is a not for profit organisation managed by a committee of volunteer parents.  This committee is reflective of the diverse skills and backgrounds of the community and the preschool.  The committee includes roles such as treasurer, secretary, maintenance officer, fundraising, policy officer and technology officer.  
Parents not involved in the committee are also encouraged to participate in preschool events such as fundraising barbeques and working bees.