2016 Enrolment

4 Year Old Kindergarten
In 2016, we will be running a funded 15 hour 4 year old program, taught by a degree qualified teacher with one assistant (minimum).
Registrations for children turning 4-years-old before 30 April 2016 is coordinated annually by the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

3 Year Old Kindergarten
In 2016, Beleura Hill Preschool will be reinstating a 3 hour, weekly three year old kindergarten program taught by a degree qualified teacher and one assistant. Our timetable for 2016 is still to be finalised.
There is no age limit on enrolment, but children need to be 3 years of age to attend.
Disclaimer: Offer of a 3 Year Old place does not guarantee entry into the 4 Year Old program.

Central Registration Process
Registrations for 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old Kindergarten are open from Wednesday 4th March to Sunday 12th July 2015. This process is coordinated annually by the Mornington Peninsula Shire.
Applications received after this period will be considered as ‘Late’ and will be processed after all ‘On Time’ registrations have been processed.

To lodge your online registration, please visit Mornington Peninsula Shire.

For further information contact the Central Enrolments Team on 5950 1650 or by email kindergarten@mornpen.vic.gov.



Each family will be invoiced the first week of each term for their fees.  Fees are to be paid via direct debit and the bank account details are printed on the fee invoice. Fees are due within the first 4 weeks of term.  If fees are not paid within this time, parents will be personally reminded by the Administration Assistant via letter or phone call.  If you are having difficulty paying your fees please contact the Administration Assistant to discuss a payment plan.  If fees continue not to be paid the pre-school reserves the right to withdrawal your child’s pre-school place as per our enrolment and fee paying policy.